Tracking Training Benefits

Dynamic reports that demonstrate the value of your training

Throughout the training cycle we gather feedback from participants and stakeholders, generating reports that quantify the improvement in the behaviour and skills of the individual and team, and measure its impact on the organisation.

The result is increased employee engagement, better learning transference, and a closer alignment of your training programmes with your organisation's goals.

How each stakeholder benefits:

How we do it

TTB advises you on how to create an effective training evaluation strategy.

TTB gathers employee feedback over a typically three-month period.

TTB measures the impact of training on employee performance, cost-benefit and ROI.

Convincing your stakeholders

Meet LEF

A Learning Evaluation Framework helps you ask the right questions at the right moment in the training cycle. Our automated system, nicknamed LEF, adapts to the requirements of your training programme and to what you are seeking to measure.

Who has benefited from our service?

Marks & Spencer
Friends Provident International
Boehringer Ingelheim
Logica CMG

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